Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare Board

Type: Board

Meeting Frequency: As determined by the Board

Contact: BRBHC Contact, Ashley Simmons, (540) 345-9841;

MemberTerm of OfficeEligible for Reappointment
Lew Bishop12/31/22Yes
Edward Garner12/31/22Yes
Lisa Garst*12/31/19Yes
Daniel Karnes12/31/20Yes
Colonel Bobby Russell*12/31/21Yes
Helen Ferguson*12/31/20Yes

Purpose: Formed pursuant to Code of Virginia, Section 37.1-194 et seq. The Councils of the Cities of Roanoke and Salem, and the Board of Supervisors of the Counties of Botetourt and Roanoke, shall each appoint three Members, while the County of Craig shall appoint one Member to the Board. The Board shall further nominate three persons to serve as Members who must be appointed by the five political subdivisions in the manner provided in Sec. 5.b. If the immediate past Chair of the board is not reappointed as an Appointee because he is ineligible to serve another term pursuant to Sec. 4, then he shall serve as an advisor to the Board for an additional one year term.

One-third of the Board Members shall be consumers receiving services or family member of Consumers, and at least one Board Member shall be a Consumer. (See By-Laws for further restrictions.)

Board Member Terms: Each Board Member shall serve a term of three years beginning on January 1 of the year of appointment; terms to be staggered so no more than six Board Member terms expire in any given year. No Member shall serve more than three full successive three year terms. Three months prior to any expiration, and immediately upon any unexpected expiration, the Board shall notify the Local Political Subdivision of expirations/specifics.

Board Nominee Appointees: The Board shall submit the name of a Board Nominee to each Local Political Subdivision for approval. If any Local Political Subdivision disapproves, the Board shall reconsider and submit a name until a majority of the Local Political Subdivisions approve.
(See By-Laws for complete regulations. Resolution No. 36989-030705.)

Note - 3 Members Appointed to the Board and 3 Board Nominee Appointees
* - indicates Board Nominee Appointees