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Assembly Permit for Special Events


Public Assembly Permits are required for Special Events that utilize public spaces, such as streets, greenways, public parks, and plazas. Events contained to private property do not require a Public Assembly Permit. The use of City greenways, parks, and plazas requires coordination with the Parks and Recreations Department. When in doubt, contact our office.

Special Event Policy

Please take a moment to review the Special Event Policy and Special Event Planning Guide before submitting your Assembly Permit Application

How to Apply

You may submit an online Public Assembly Permit Application by clicking that link and filling out the form. This is the preferred method of submitting a Public Assembly Permit Application.

You may also print and fill out a Public Assembly Permit Application by clicking this link, and then scanning all your forms and sending them to the following email addresses:

  • Events in city parks, city plazas, or greenways to Parks and Recreation -
    [email protected]

Note: Contact Parks and Recreation to determine the required rental fee and security deposit to reserve your chosen event venue. 

This method may take longer, which is why we recommend the online Public Assembly Permit Application

Application Deadlines

120 days prior to the event date
Walk/Race 5K or less
120 days prior to the event date
Race over 5K
120 days prior to the event date
General Event *
14 days prior (less than 100 persons in attendance, or no street closures requested)
General Event *
30 days prior (100 or more persons in attendance or street closures requested)
Neighborhood Block Party
14 days prior to the event
Filming & Photography
14 days (one day shoot); 30 days (multiple days or locations)

An application is not considered a complete application until the signed application form and all required supporting documents (e.g. sitemap, Emergency Action Plan, Certificate of Insurance) have been received by the City.

* Applications for all General Events in Elmwood Park to utilize the amphitheater must be received at least 90 calendar days prior to the proposed date of the event.

† Apply at least 30 calendar days prior to the event date if the block party might utilize tents, amusement structures, fireworks, etc. as these devices involve special permitting.

Event Feedback

Please provide us with your feedback about your experience with a recent special event in the City of Roanoke. We welcome citizen and participant feedback and utilize this information in future planning. Survey link:

Special Event Feedback Survey


The City assumes no liability if an event is not approved — Selling tickets, advertising, gaining sponsorship and other activities done prior to event approval is done at the risk of the event organizer.