Application and Appointment Process

Applicants who meet a vacancy requirement should submit an application to the Office of the City Clerk through the City’s website. Alternatively, applicants may submit a paper application by mail or fax.

Applicants having submitted applications for which there are no vacancies and/or are unsuccessful will remain on file for consideration for a period of one year pending an opening on the requested authority, board, commission or committee.

Applicants will receive an e-mail confirmation upon receipt of application indicating a date of the Council meeting in which consideration of the application is scheduled to take place. The presence of the applicant at the Council Meeting is not required.

Council generally convenes in a Closed Meeting to discuss vacancies on the first Monday of each month. Upon reconvening in open meeting, a motion is made by a Council Member regarding the approval of appointments to authorities, boards, commissions and committees.

Once an appointment decision is made by the Council, applicants are advised via e-mail or mail regarding their appointment term. The application of the successful applicant will then become public record for the duration of their term of office.