Star City Innovators

Star City InnovatorsWho We Are

The Star City Innovators is a group of your colleagues, fellow city staff, that are committed to continuous improvement in our organization resulting in improved job satisfaction and better customer service (internally to each other and externally to citizens and businesses). We come from all parts of the city’s organization but have a common bond of being certified LEAN and/or Lean Six Sigma practitioners. We see the benefits that embracing innovation and continuous improvement have brought to the City organization.

Clarification of Lean is Important

The Star City Innovators does not look at continuous improvement as a means to eliminate positions. We embrace the process improvement tools that we have learned to transform our organization - remove red tape and unnecessary steps that can make our jobs frustrating so that we can work more effectively. This helps improve our work environment, provides opportunities for staff to focus on priorities and their own development, and ultimately provide better service to our community.

Our Role

We are a volunteer, grass roots group that is committed to providing a high level of service to each other and our community, in the simplest manner possible. We want to encourage others to embrace continuous improvement and help the organization meet its goal of the City providing best-in-class service. To do this we will:

•    Reinforce a culture of staff empowerment – We will provide introductory training on continuous improvement to new employees to promote critical analysis of our business processes, efficient use of staff and resources, allowing staff to focus on priorities.

•    Assist you with your own efforts – We are available to help you work though process issues, problems or challenges to help improve your work environment and reduce unnecessary steps and unnecessary effort. We will conduct workshops to help staff develop Lean solutions to challenges in their workplace.

•    Support ongoing LEAN and Lean Six Sigma Training – we will be available to act as mentors and offer support to staff participating in the formal Lean and/or Lean Six Sigma programs.

Our Belief

If we all make small incremental changes to improve our practices we will have a big impact on our overall work environment, our ability to provide services to our community, and alter common misperceptions of how government performs.

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming training and assistance with your projects!