Flood Zone Information and Flood Insurance

Standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover losses due to flooding. The City of Roanoke participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which makes it possible for Roanoke property owners of obtain federally-backed flood insurance. View the NFIP Flood Insurance Claims guide to know what to do before and after a flood, including filing a claim, and the steps involved in appealing a denied claim. A flood insurance policy generally takes effect 30 days after purchase, and homeowners and renters insurance do not typically cover flood damage.

Since the City of Roanoke participates in NFIP, you can buy affordable protection that insures a single-family home for up to $250,000 and its contents up to $100,000. Renters can cover contents up to $100,000. Non-residential property owners can insure a building up to $500,000 and contents up to $500,000. Visit Floodsmart.gov to learn more about coverage and find an agent near you.

A 30-day waiting period must pass before most flood policies become active. Some policies, however, start sooner:

  • If your building is newly designated in a high-risk Special Flood Hazard Area, and you buy flood insurance within the 13-month period following a map revision: One-day waiting period.
  • If you buy flood insurance in connection with making, increasing, extending or renewing your mortgage loan: No waiting period.
  • If you select additional insurance as an option on your flood insurance policy renewal bill: No waiting period.
  • If your property is affected by flooding on burned federal land, and the policy is purchased within 60 days of the fire-containment: Possible waiver of waiting period.

You can purchase flood insurance through an insurance agent. If your agent does not sell flood insurance, contact the NFIP Referral Call Center at 800-427-4661 for a referral. For more information, visit FloodSmart.gov or FEMA National Flood Insurance Program, or call the NFIP helpdesk at 800-427-4661.

The NFIP also includes Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) coverage for all new and renewed Standard Flood Insurance Policies. This insurance is available to any owner of insurable property (buildings and/or contents) in Roanoke. The average annual premium for this insurance on a residential home is about $2000. The actual cost will vary depending on the amount of coverage and the degree of flood hazard. This insurance is required to purchase a home within or near the FEMA floodplain with a federally backed mortgage. 

If you are considering flood insurance, constructing a new building, or adding to an existing building, you may need to know if your property is located within a floodplain. Locate your address using the FEMA Flood Map Service Center to find your flood map. For any property located in the City of Roanoke, the Stormwater Division will provide the following information based on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM):

  • Flood Zone and Floodway Determinations
  • Guidance on Base Flood Elevations (BFE)
  • FIRM and Panel numbers
  • Elevation Certificates (Many structures in the SFHA have elevation certificates on file through a previous grant project. Click here for information on how to obtain Elevation Certificates or call the Stormwater Division at 853.5900 to obtain a copy.)
  • Information on areas with Natural Floodplain Functions
  • Information on local drainage problems

This information, as well as the FIRM zone, community number, panel number, FIRM date and elevation datum used on the FIRM is also available by using the city's Geographic Information System (GIS). The map information provided by the City is general in nature and is not considered a “guaranteed” determination. The mortgage lender is responsible for determining if a flood insurance policy is required for a loan. 

Myth: The “100 Year Flood” should only happen once every 100 years.
Fact: The “100 Year Flood” actually has a 1% chance of happening in any given year. These floods are likely to occur far more often than once every hundred years. Homes in these areas have a 26% chance of such a flood occurring during a 30 year mortgage period.

Are you aware of your flood risk?

Know your risk. Protect your property. Get Flood Insurance.

Search for a property using the address box in the map below to identify the flood risks using the FEMA Flood Hazard Layer. The blue area indicates the Special Flood Hazard Area. For additional information regarding a property and its flood risk, visit the City of Roanoke Real Estate GIS.