Citizen of the Year



Have exemplified above average volunteer or philanthropic dedication to the Community.

Have provided volunteer service for a minimum of three years.

Have voluntarily performed duties related to their paid employment significantly beyond what is expected of a person holding that paid position.

Have signed a waiver stating that they are willing to have their names and information about their volunteer or philanthropic work published and made public.

Agree to participate in events and publicity related to the Citizen of the Year Event and agree to undergoing a criminal record check.

All citizens of Roanoke City are eligible except previous winners and current Elected-Officials.

A person cannot be selected or must withdraw his/her name if he/she is running for public office in the year of the nomination.

Furthermore, you may submit a résumé, letters of endorsement, or other supporting information.

DEADLINE: Friday, November 18, 2022

Click here to access and submit a nomination for Citizen of the Year! 

Please contact the City Clerk's Office to receive a paper copy of the nomination form.

Mail, or E-Mail nominations to:

Cecelia F. McCoy, CMC, City Clerk

215 Church Avenue, S. W., Room 456

Roanoke, Virginia 24011

Phone: 540 853-2541

Fax: 540 853-1145

E-Mail: [email protected]


1981 - Robert W. Woody (deceased)

1982 - Dorothy L. Gibboney (deceased)

1983 - Hazel B. Thompson (deceased)

1984 - George B. Cartledge, Sr. (deceased)

1985 - G. Frank Clement (deceased)

1986 - William "Ham" Flannagan (deceased)

1987 - Lewis W. Peery (deceased)

1988 - Clay H. Turner

1989 - George F. Pollash (deceased)

1990 - Florine L. Thornhill (deceased)

1991 - George W. Sanderson (deceased)

1992 - Joseph W. Gaither

1993 - Pearl Fu

1994 - Sigmund E. Davidson (deceased)

1995 - Charles W. Hancock (deceased)

1996 - F. Wiley Hubbell (deceased)

1997 - Patricia N. Toney (deceased)

1998 - James E. Robertson (deceased)

1999 - Jere Lee Hodgin

2000 - Lawrence H. Hamlar (deceased)

2001 - Edward T. Burton

2002 - George A. Kegley

2003 - Alphonzo L. Holland (deceased)

2004 - Claudia A. Whitworth

2005 - Nicholas F. Taubman

2006 - Nancy R. Patterson

2007 - Frank W. Feather (deceased)

2008 - Estelle H. McCadden

2009 - Stanley G. Breakell

2010 - W. Lee Wilhelm, III

2011 - William L. Lee

2012 – Carl T. Tinsley, Sr. (deceased)

2013 – Robert H. Sandel

2014 – Edward B. Walker

2015 – David S. Wiley​

​2016 - Jamice Rudd

2017- Nicole Harris

2018 - James Hunter Tarpley (deceased)

2019 - Marion D. Childress

2020 - The Resilient Citizens of the City of Roanoke

2021 - Dr. Cheryl W. Hartman