Scams 101

Dating Scams
This one is for seniors. As more and more seniors are getting acquainted with social media, we're seeing more and more fall victim to scams. One example is the "sweetheart" scam, where unsuspecting seniors will meet new "sweethearts" on sites promoting dating and finding new friendships. These crooks will pretend to be interested in their victims and then get them to wire money. Some victims get taken for significant sums. So be aware and make sure to look out for any friends or family members who may be new to social media.

Email Scams
Example of an email scam:
"Attention: Beneficiary. This is to notify that your over due fund $5.5 Million which has been delayed since years ago is now ready for payment by (Swift wire transfer or master card)"

Your bank will never contact you via email asking for your information or to verify your information. Do not fall victim to this type of scam.

Insurance Scams
After significant weather related events, scammers will go door to door promising to perform repair work to your house telling you to claim it on your home owner's insurance. The scammer will ask for money up front or at least half before starting the work. The scammer may perform work, but usually the repair is insufficient. Once you have given the person money, you will not hear from them again. Use only licensed and bonded contractors with quality reputations.

More Information
For more information on scams, please visit the FBI Scams and Safety website.