Basic Development Plan

When site work is proposed, either a Basic Development Plan or a Comprehensive Development Plan is required.

As the name implies, a Basic Development Plan is a relatively simple drawing submitted with a zoning permit application (or building & zoning permit application) that illustrates the existing site and features and dimensions of the proposed project.  These plans rarely require the expertise of an engineer, architect, or contractor; however, a survey of the property is a good start if one is available. Many people use a printout of the property boundaries available through our online mapping (Real Estate & GIS).

Minor construction projects are eligible for a Basic Development Plan.  Most construction associated with a single-family dwelling or two-family dwelling is eligible for a Basic Development Plan, as are most small site projects such as driveways, garages, storage sheds, fences, walls, swimming pools.  Minor commercial projects can also be eligible for a Basic Development Plan when the project disturbs less than 2,000 s.f. of land area.  Our project pages usually indicate whether or not the work is eligible for a Basic Development Plan.

What do I need to put on the Basic Development Plan?

The level of detail can vary.  A fence may require only very basic information, while constructing a new house may require a lot of precise details on building location, landscaping, driveways, and tree canopy.   The project pages indicate the required information for the plan.  If you're unsure what is needed, consult a Permit Center Technician at (540) 853-1090 or [email protected]