Star City Business Watch

The Star City Business Watch attempts to organize business leaders in targeted business communities by forming a partnership between the Roanoke Police Department and the businesses. The goal of the Star City Business Watch is to create a safer environment for business, employees and consumers, while promoting crime prevention strategies.

  • To provide on-going training for their employees on various aspects of Crime Prevention
    • Training on Shoplifting, Robbery Prevention and Personal Safety will be provided by qualified Crime Prevention instructors.
  • To identify further training needs and provide the appropriate training
  • To remain active in the watch, businesses would have to participate in at least 1 training session per year
  • To provide businesses located within these targeted areas with statistical information on crimes committed within their business watch area
  • To gather statistical information through the Roanoke Police Department Crime Analysis office and disseminate it in a quarterly Business Watch Newsletter
  • To provide fax alert information to businesses regarding perpetrator information and current criminal activity
  • To coordinate with Criminal Investigation Bureau personnel, other law enforcement agencies and local businesses to determine crimes or crime trends affecting businesses and disseminate this information through a fax alert system
  • To provide each business with a free security assessment of their business
  • To conduct security surveys by qualified Police Department personnel with a written report of the assessment provided to the business
  • To provide participating businesses with a membership decal and free standard placards identifying them as members of the Star City Business Watch
    • This membership logo decal must be displayed where it is clearly visible to the general public.
    • Initial supply of decals and free standard placards will be supplied by the Police Department Crime Prevention Unit.
Qualifications of Membership
  • Each business must be licensed to do business in the city of Roanoke.
  • Business must receive at least 1 type of crime prevention training each year.