Planning & Urban Design

We develop plans and policies to shape and improve the social, economic, and physical development of the city.

City Plan 2040, Roanoke's comprehensive plan, provides a foundation for policy decisions made by the City of Roanoke.  It serves as an umbrella for the many other plans adopted as components of the comprehensive plan. City Plan 2040, the City of Roanoke’s comprehensive plan, is the product of an extensive collaborative planning process involving a citizens’ advisory committee, citizen-based working groups, City staff, the Planning Commission, City Council, and citizens.

More focused plans have been adopted as components of the comprehensive plan.  Roanoke has a plan for 
each of its neighborhoods. Other plans address special topics such as greenways, bikeways, libraries, arts and culture, and public art.

Under Urban Design, you'll find our street design guidelines, urban design manual, architectural guidelines, neighborhood architectural standards, and our award-winning residential pattern book.
Church Ave Proposed Streetscape 4th to 5th - Schematic Sketch