Certified Crime Prevention Community

Promoting Community Safety
On March 19, 2001, Roanoke was recognized as a Certified Crime Prevention Community (CCPC), a distinct honor for the city. The CCPC program was created in 1998 by a directive from the Governor's New Partnership Commission for Community Safety. It was designed to promote community safety and to recognize communities displaying exemplary efforts in the prevention of crime. This program is the first and only of its kind in the United States. Participant communities must undergo a rigorous application process and provide proof of overall community involvement in 12 mandated areas, and an additional 7 optional elements.

Communities that are certified must go through a re-certification process every 3 years. The City of Roanoke has completed the re-certification process, and was recognized by the Department of Criminal Justice Services once again as a Certified Crime Prevention Community in 2013. The certification hangs on the wall in the lobby on the first floor of the Police Department.

Being a CCPC sends a strong message to the public that crime will not be tolerated in the City of Roanoke, thereby enhancing public trust and involvement. The CCPC distinction makes the city attractive to new business and helps sustain the economic position of the jurisdiction. Participating in the program demonstrates the city's resolve in keeping Roanoke safe for residents and business owners alike. Signs have been placed at various locations throughout the city welcoming visitors to the City of Roanoke, a Certified Crime Prevention Community.