Public Art Catalogue by Artist

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Baugher, Roy
Do You Want or Do You Have

Bechtel, Lawrence Reid
Officer Down

Bell, Anne
Festival in the Park
Festival Time
Flower Lady
Noel C. Taylor
Principles of Justice
Style and Comb
Trying on a Wedding Dress

Bernard, Ann Way
Cloud Wave
Metaphysical Landscape

Bordett, Ed
Billy's Ritz
Great Escape 
Mr Softee

Branch, Betty
Fallen Firefighter
Once Upon a Time

Breeden, David
Freedom, Justice and Compassion

Carroll, Rodney
In My Hands

Cates, Gwen
Catawba Creek

Clingenpeel, Gladys
The Moon and the Sea

Creasy, John Will
February 20
Winter Silhouette

Dahlstrom, Nancy
Summer Garden

Dickerson, Vera
Kimono Series - August Skies
Mrs Dalloway's Cat

Dolinger, Ed and Patrick Henry High School Students

Dorset, Arrington
Essence of Gold

Dryer, Diane

Elkin, April
Man of Appalachia

Essig, Donna and Mimi Babe Harris
Roanoke Valley Sister Cities
Roanoke Valley Sister Cities
Roanoke Valley Sister Cities
Roanoke Valley Sister Cities

Fitzpatrick, Eric
Hotel Roanoke
Lee Plaza
Water Seekers

Glover, Ann

Goolsby, Charles
Ten Speed

Harris, Mimi Babe and Donna Essig
Roanoke Valley Sister Cities
Roanoke Valley Sister Cities

Hatcher, Brower
Principle of Justice

Hazlegrove, Lucy
Springwood Farm

Hicks, Belva
The Concert
Star from City Market, 1980

Husted, Kathleen
Follow the Stream

Iron, Robinson
Friendship Fountain

John, Grace Spaulding
John Hancock

Kass, Ray
Untitled Abstract

Kinsey Sign Company
Roanoke Star

Klein, Peyton
Path through the Dunes

Koh-Varilla, Jeffery and Anna
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Kregloe, Liz
Chambered Interior

Leitzke, Victor
Blue Ridge Vista
Great Marsh Spring
Last Year's Cornfield

Swedish Wedding Processional

McDade, Marcia
Interior, Alexander's

Moore, Mary Irwin
Benches, Shiraishi Island

Moore, Steven
Enon Drive

Morgan, Dennis
Hilltop - South of the Blue Ridge

Nauman, Sue Roy
The Return of Stella Vanni
Roberto's Power

New York Shipbuilding Corporation
USS Roanoke Light Cruiser Bell

Osteseski, Paul
Vertical Break

Paley, Albert

Parks, Eric
Gibson Morrissey, Roanoke Symphony Orchestra Conductor

Pharis, John
George Goes Fishing

Polonhline, Olga
Sea Garden

Shepherd, Tim

Shively, Beth
As He Watches the Light of the City, and He Moves Through the Night/Shoot Out the Lights

Shumate, George
Canada Geese

Stokes, Harriet

Sulkin, Robert
Man and Beast Series 

Thompson, Lewis
Captain's Choice

Thresher, Virgil
Night Sky
Ridge Pond
Wharf Moon

Unknown Artist
Dog Mouth Fountain
Kimball Fountain
Live in Color
Mayors Monument
Mr Fishburn
Roanoke Valley War Memorial
Robert E Lee Memorial

Wellborn, Nan Mahone
Tinker View of Carvins Cove

Wilson, John
Mutated Snail

Woods, Kate
Hen Houses

Woong, Kim
Korean Mural

Yeatts, Jim
New Jerusalem