Registration for Tax Collection Form

Any business, person, corporation or partnership must complete a Registration for Tax Collection Form (PDF) for any of the following taxes:

  • Tax on Prepared Food and Beverages
  • Admissions Tax
  • Transient Occupancy Tax (Hotel Tax)
  • Consumer Utility Tax
  • Franchise Fees
  • Consumption Tax

Mail Form To

Sign and date the form and return it to:

City of Roanoke

Commissioner of the Revenue

Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building

215 Church Avenue, SW, Room 251

Roanoke, VA 24011

Phone: 540-853-6828

Fax: 540-853-1115

If any information on the form changes such as mailing address, corporate officers or responsible parties, please complete a new form with updated information and return it to the address above. A separate registration form must also be completed for each business location. 

Additional Requirements

Persons collecting any of the above taxes may also be required to obtain a current Business License. The Commissioner of the Revenue's Office also issues Business Licenses. All delinquent business license, business personal property, meals, transient occupancy, and admissions taxes must be paid, in full, before a current business license may be issued. Contact the Commissioner of the Revenue Business License at 540-853-2524.

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