Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention Unit

Access online applications to participate in the Citizen Police Academy, join the Star City Business Watch, start a neighborhood watch group, or to report possible criminal activity occurring in the City of Roanoke.


The Crime Prevention Unit is responsible for establishing, managing and maintaining programs and initiatives related to crime prevention. The unit is dedicated to preventing and reducing the opportunity for crime to occur. Crime problems and trends are addressed through a cooperative effort from various government agencies, private corporations and the community. In addition, the unit remains in constant contact with neighborhood watch groups and the Star City Business Watch. The unit’s duties associated with these groups include conducting requested training and making presentations.


Various officers within the department conduct presentations. Presentations often include the following topics:
  • Child Internet Safety
  • Child Safety
  • Drug Awareness for parents and adults
  • Fraud and Identity Theft Prevention - Get tips on how to protect yourself
  • General Personal Safety
  • Personal Safety for Women
  • Rape Aggression Defense System (RAD, 8 hour women's self-defense course)
  • Shoplifting Prevention
  • Vacation Safety
  • Workplace Violence

Security Assessments

The Crime Prevention Unit also conducts security assessments for home and businesses owners, conducts security checks of homes and businesses when the owners are away for an extended period of time, and installs child safety seats. Officers outside the Crime Prevention Unit can assist with these duties, and also attend regular meetings of neighborhood watch groups as often as possible. To request additional information on any of the services listed above contact the Crime Prevention Officers at 540-853-5613.