Apply for a Commercial Stormwater Credit

  1. Read the Commercial Properties Credit Manual to understand the credit requirements. 
  2. Apply using the pdf application
  3. All applications for stormwater utility credit are reviewed by Curry McWilliams, Biological Systems Engineer, within 30 days of receipt. All applicants will receive a letter by mail or email informing them of the percent credit awarded.
  4. The deadline for submission of any application is December 31 for credits to be effective the following October.  
  5. All BMPs are subject to inspection by City inspectors; by virtue of signing the application to receive a credit. Should an inspector find that the applicant has failed to properly maintain his/her BMP, the City may exercise its option to revoke any credits awarded. The applicant may re-apply for credits once he/she has shown that the BMP has been restored

Notes About Commercial Credits: 

Commercial credits are awarded based on the actual impervious area served by each BMP. The BMP must be listed in the Virginia BMP Clearinghouse to qualify. Commercial applicants may receive up to 100% credit. Credits are awarded based on the following:

  • Quantity: BMPs such as detention ponds and underground storage facilities.
  • Quality: BMPs such as extended detention ponds, infiltration, filtration, and pretreatment facilities.
  • Voluntary: BMPs that were installed but not required under the regulations in force at the time of development.
  • Above and Beyond: BMPs that exceed the current regulations in detention or pollutant removal.
  • Off-site control or treatment: If the BMP on 1 property accepts runoff from another site, the applicant may claim credits for off site control.