Budget Development

FY 2020 Budgetary Highlights

The City’s FY 2020 budget development process is well underway.  City departments submitted their budget offers as of January 14th with outside agencies requested to submit their funding requests by January 31st.  Department Directors have met with their respective Assistant City Manager to review their prioritized listings of supplemental budget requests, and initial discussions on any changes to the Capital Improvement Plan have been held.  The Management and Budget Division is working to complete its review of the budget offers in early February and discussions on funding recommendations with the Budget Committee will begin in mid-February.  On February 4th, City Council was briefed on current year FY 2019 expenses and projected revenues, as well as a preliminary overview of the FY 2020 local tax estimate and preliminary expenditure priorities.  A discussion was also held with them on the current Capital Improvement Projects as well as initial projections for the FY 2020-2024 project plan.  The next budget briefing is scheduled for March 4th.
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