Budget Development

FY2024 Budget Development

Budget Briefings have been provided to Council on multiple occasions. To view these presentations and view relevant slides click on the links below. The February 21 Briefing provided an overview of proposed changes to the Capital Improvement Program for FY24 funding strategies. March 6 Briefing provided requested fee increases for Building Inspection Fees, Fire/EMS Fees and Monthly Parking Fees. As of March 6, the budget balancing gap was about $3.7 with all the requested fees included.

The Division of Management and Budget along with the City Manager's Office is pleased to present the Recommended Budget for FY 2024. The General Fund budget includes revenues and expenditures totaling $355,400,000 which is an increase of $30.611 million or 9.4% over FY 2023. The budget addresses seven priorities established by City Council: Education, Community Safety, Human Services, Infrastructure, Livability, Good Government, and Economy.

To learn more, download the Recommended Budget Document (pdf) or watch presentations (links below) with their respective slides below.

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  2. FY2024
  3. FY2023
  4. FY2022

Important Dates, Presentations, and Official Documents

  • November 21, 2023: City Council Budget Retreat
  • January 2024: City Council Budget Briefing & Real Estate Valuation Briefing
  • February 2024: Financial/Budget Planning Work Session
  • March 2024: Financial/Budget Briefing - City Council Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)
  • April 2024: Financial/Budget Briefing - City Council Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)
  • April 2024: Recommended Budget presentation to City Council. Recommended Budget & Budget at a Glance documents are available.
  • April 2024: Public hearings on Recommended Budget & Tax Rates
  • May 2024: Budget Study
  • May 2024: City Council adopts Ordinances and Resolutions
  • June 2024: Adopted Budget & Capital Improvement Program documents are available.