Budget Development

FY 2020 Budgetary Highlights

The City Manager presented his FY 2020 recommended budget to City Council on Monday, April 15th.  The proposed General Fund budget is $299,431,000, an increase of $7.7 million, or 2.65% over the FY 2019 adopted budget.  Several fee adjustments are being recommended for Fire, Parks and Recreation, and Parking.  The budget includes funding for strategic investments in all priority areas including funding for:
-- Support of Roanoke City Public Schools
-- Fire and Police support
--  Mental health services in Jail facility and Jail operations support
-- Children’s Services Act needs
-- Registrar operations, election needs
-- Vehicle maintenance needs
-- Library teen services and library utilities
-- Greenway, trail and parks maintenance
-- Support for Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare and Health Department

In the Capital Improvement Plan, $17.4 million is allocated for projects in FY 2020:
-- RCPS - $5.0 million – Fallon Park replacement, renovation and expansion needs; various maintenance and energy efficient upgrades at selected school sites
-- Library Master Plan: $0.5 million – Belmont Library upgrades
-- Berglund Center: $1.5 million – Coliseum restroom renovation Phase I, Coliseum and Performing Arts Theatre sound system enhancement; also Performing Arts Theatre – stage floor replacement and lighting upgrades
-- Stormwater Improvements: $2.0 million  - Neighborhood improvement projects
-- Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk: $1.5 million – Continued installation of new curb, gutter, and sidewalks based on current list of projects and project requests
-- Streetscapes Improvements: $0.5 million – Streetscape improvement projects to be identified
-- Fleet Capital Replacements: $1.6 million – Replacement of  Solid Waste Management vehicles
-- Technology Capital: $1.5 million – Revenue system replacement and digital radio conversion
-- Public Works Service Center: $1.5 million – Parks and Recreation Equipment Building Phase I, fuel island canopy, additional equipment wash bay, salt brine tank canopy and control room, drainage improvements, security system upgrade
-- Capital Building Maintenance: $1.0 million – HVAC replacement and roof replacement
-- Transit Facility:  $0.8 million – Property acquisition for a transit transfer facility

Important dates that remain on the budget calendar include:
April 25, 2019 –Budget Public Hearing – General Fund, Real Estate, HUD Consolidated Plan, 7pm (Council Chamber)
May 6, 2019 –Council Briefing / Budget Study, 9am (Council Chamber)
May 13, 2019 –FY2020 Budget Adoption, 2pm (Council Chamber)
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