Land Planning

The City of Roanoke has embraced urban renewal and progressive redevelopment strategies to reduce our environmental footrpint while providing an excellent quality of life. Roanoke continues to strengthen connectivity with miles of pedestrian and bike friendly routes around the city. The Roanoke City Market and Elmwood Park highlight the community venues in the heart of downtown as well as museums, live music, and a thriving arts community.

Urban redevelopment is thriving in Roanoke with a variety of historic building that have been renovated to residential apartments and condominiums. In addition, the greenways travel along the river and connect downtown to the newly redeveloped brownfield site of the Carilion Clinic. This fast growing area is home to a variety of new retail and business ventures.

In the community the focus is on creating active urban village centers, such as Grandin Village and West End, where community members can find local merchants and amenities, right next door. Roanoke continues to focus on strengthening these community centers with safe streets, new commerce and an excellent park system. By building communities and enhancing opportunities to encourage future growth, these neighborhoods are great places to live.