Melrose-Orange Target Area

The City of Roanoke receives entitlement funds annually from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to address any of three national objectives of HUD; benefiting persons of low to moderate income, eliminating slums and blighting influences, and urgent needs.  Creation and preservation of affordable housing is also a goal of HUD that directs how these funds can be spent.    Approximately $2.0 million in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnerships (HOME) funds are received from HUD each year to meet these objectives.

Annually, the City of Roanoke targets at least 51% of these funds into neighborhoods or blocks that qualify as having a majority of its residents as low to moderate income under HUD definitions.  Generally, the city spends between 4 – 6 years in each target area.  Previous target areas assisted include West End, Hurt Park, Gainsboro, and Southeast. 

Beginning in 2015, the City identified an area known as the Melrose-Orange Target Area (MOTA) to be the targeted area for the next few years.   A map of the area is available via the link on the left, but the boundaries encompass 10th Street NW to 24th Street NW and Hanover Ave NW to Loudon Ave NW.  The intent of targeting an area for the multi-year commitment of HUD funds is to encourage private investment and improve the sustainability of neighborhoods.

For the 2016-2017 plan year, there are a number of activities funded by CDBG and HOME funds within MOTA.  Working in conjunction with the Roanoke Neighborhood Revitalization Partnership, the City has made funds available to the following programs in MOTA prior to June 30, 2017:

  • New Home Ownership Development (Habitat for Humanity) - Acquire and renovate a minimum of 5 existing vacant houses for single-family homeownership as well as construction of 3 new single family homes in Melrose-Orange target area.
  • Owner-Occupied Limited Housing Rehabilitation (Renovation Alliance) - Basic rehabilitation services utilizing professional and volunteer labor to address “safe, warm and dry” homeowner needs for low-income persons.  Proposed goal of 17 homes in Melrose-Orange target area.
  • Owner Occupied Major Housing Rehabilitation (Total Action for Progress) - Rehabilitation to 4 owner-occupied housing units in Melrose-Orange Target Area.  Major rehabilitation is targeted for rehabilitation in excess of $15,000 to address health, safety and welfare needs of residents.
  • Phase I Planning for Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan (Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority) - Funds to engage engineering and architectural firms for designing infrastructure and implementation of Phase I of the Melrose-Rugby/Shenandoah West Transformation Plan.

Residents, business owners and other stakeholders meet bi-monthly at Goodwill of the Valleys jobs campus on Melrose Avenue to provide input and to learn about activities in MOTA.  The public is invited to attend these meetings.  For information on the next scheduled MOTA Stakeholders meeting you can call 540-983-6404 or email