Chief's Message:

   As the Chief of Police, I would like to thank each neighborhood and business group for actively working to aid in our enforcement efforts.  The calendar year of 2018 ended with a modest reduction in Citywide Part 1 crime of 0.81%.  This reduction could have been stronger had it not been for the theft of motor vehicles and larceny.  The majority of stolen vehicles resulted from unsecured autos left running or with the keys left in them.  Larceny from vehicles reveal the same trend of being unsecured with valuables in plain view to include firearms.  Over the past 12 months, 200 firearms were reported stolen from vehicles in our city.  The majority of weapons stolen were from unlocked vehicles.  The physical and physiological trauma resulting from gun violence continues to create challenges for the entire community.   There were 85 injuries from improper or criminal use of firearms.  As a community, we must continue to be vigilant in securing our property from those who seek opportunities to victimize others and lessening the frequency of firearm related incidents.  Please assist RPD in the collective personal responsibility to “Respect Roanoke” by making our City a safer place to live and work; our collective challenge is moving the needle toward a more substantial citywide reduction in all areas of crime.

   In October, the Roanoke Police Department was recognized as one of four law enforcement agencies from across the United States to be featured at the grand opening of the National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington D.C.  The museum was established to tell the story of American law enforcement and includes a collection of artifacts, along with comprehensive educational programming.  RPD’s unique citizen engagement model of “citizencentric policing” was recognized through the collaborative partnership with the Feeding America Southwest Virginia Solution Center on Melrose Avenue.   Roanoke police officers are featured in the introductory film on American Policing that is shown to visitors upon entry to the National Police Museum.  I am proud of the work each officer with this agency contributes to our community efforts.  In June, our agency sponsored the first “Cops Camp,” a four-day event centered on citizenship, character and personal development for rising sixth graders in Roanoke City Schools.  The students interacted each day with agency members from Roanoke Fire/EMS, Roanoke Sheriff’s Department and RPD officers in life skill development and team building exercises linked to the Virginia Attorney Generals “Virginia Rules” program.

   The Roanoke Police Department is committed to utilizing data driven best practices to address the issue of crime and build upon the positive relationships with our community.  The continued expansion of 21st Century Policing tenants are embedded in the organizational culture. The Roanoke Police Department continues its proactive efforts to best serve all individuals that visit or live in this great “All-America City.” Our crime prevention, school safety and community engagement initiatives continue to expand even as the social landscape of our country frequently misrepresent the totality of police service to a community. As we move forward at RPD, we do so with the commitment of dedicated, professional and effective police service.  We will continue to need and seek the support of each of you, the collective community, in our continuous efforts to minimize the opportunities of crime in Roanoke.

Working Together To Positively Impact Our Neighborhoods
The Roanoke Police Department is proud to be a Certified Crime Prevention Community and is nationally accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).  We strive to work together with our citizens to make a positive impact on our community.

Experience A Taste Of What It's Like Being A Police Officer

For more information on the Department's Ride-Along Program, or to obtain an application to participate in the program, access our online form (PDF).  It's an excellent way to see the challenges our law enforcement officers face in the field everyday.

See Yourself In Blue

We are always looking for qualified, unique people to join our team.  If you have any questions about starting an exciting new career with the Roanoke Police Department, email us or call the Roanoke Police Training Academy, 540-853-2649.  For internship opportunities, please send us an email here.