Williamson Road Service Area Tax

The Williamson Road Service Area Tax became effective July 1, 1993.

Pursuant to Section 32-103 of the Code of the City of Roanoke, an additional tax is levied upon property in the Williamson Road area. This tax, set by City Council, is used to provide special area services such as:
  • Business and developer recruitment
  • Economic and business development
  • Planning for the development or revitalization of the area
  • Promotional activities intended to foster business retention
The current tax rate is $0.10 of every $100 of assessed property value, or 0.01%. This tax is assessed in addition to the 1.22% general real estate tax.

Taxes Due
The revenue generated from this tax is managed by the Williamson Road Area Business Association, Inc. (WRABA), a non-profit organization under contract with the City of Roanoke. Like the general real estate tax, the Williamson Road Area Service District Tax is due on or before October 5 and April 5 of each year. Taxes collected are remitted to WRABA on November 5, May 5 and July 25 of each year.