For a more in depth look at taxes, visit the City Treasurer's webpage.

Personal Property Tax
The personal property tax rate, set annually by City Council, is $3.45 per $100 of assessed value, or 3.45%. The tax is due on May 31 of each year for that calendar year. The personal property tax is assessed on all vehicles (aircraft, boats, buses, cars, mobile homes, trailers, motor homes, motorcycles and trucks) that are garaged, parked or stored within the city of Roanoke.

Real Estate Tax
Real estate taxes are due October 5 and April 5 of each year. Real estate tax payments are made to the City Treasurer's Office. The tax year is from July 1 to June 30. The real estate tax rate is set each year by Roanoke City Council. The current tax rate is $1.22 per $100 of assessed value.