Register Your Vehicle

Driver's Licensing & ID Cards

You have 30 days from the date of your move to notify Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of your address change. You can request an address card showing your new address at no fee that you must carry with your license or you can purchase a new driver's license with your new address.


Effective January 1, 2008, City Council passed an ordinance eliminating vehicle decals. The decal has been replaced with a license tax that is imposed on all motor vehicles that are titled with the DMV and garaged in the City of Roanoke. The license tax will not be prorated or transferable to any other vehicle. Payment of the license tax and the personal property vehicle tax are due at the same time. The license tax is not an option and must be paid on all vehicles that are registered at the DMV. Failure to pay the license tax by the due date will cause your account to become delinquent.

If you change your vehicle ownership or change address, you are required to notify the Commissioner of the Revenue within 30 days of the date the change occurs.