Temporary Signs

The process outlined in this section is for the erection or posting of a temporary sign. A temporary sign is designed to be readily relocated and displayed for the temporary purposes (no more than 30 calendar days) such as the identification or announcement of seasonal or brief activities, including:
  • Auctions
  • Grand openings
  • Holiday events
  • Special commercial sales
  • Special event or activity
Temporary signs or advertising devices are erected or posed for a specified period of time. Signs within the public right-of-way (e.g., sandwich board sign), see Movable Sign in the Public Right-of-Way.

Submission Requirements

You will need a completed Temporary Sign Permit Application and Basic Development Plan including the following information:
  • Drawing delineating the width and length of the temporary sign. If freestanding, also provide measurement from the highest point of the sign to adjacent grade.
  • Delineation of building wall to which proposed temporary sign is to be attached or a site plan delineating the location of an inflatable, laser light, image projection, searchlight, or beacon sign, or residential subdivision identification sign (label location and setbacks from the property line).
  • If inflatable, laser light/image projection, or searchlight/beacon light, documentation from the Roanoke Regional Airport of non-interference with established routes.
  • If inflatable sign, document how securely fastened to ground or other immovable object.

Review Process

Once your permit application has been approved and initialized in our system (you will receive a Permit Submission Confirmation Letter), City staff has 10 business days for zoning review. You may receive comments from City staff if additional information is needed to complete a thorough review. An Additional Submissions Form must accompany any resubmission of plans or information.

Signs are reviewed for compliance with the following codes: Section 36.2-673. Temporary on-premises signs. Zoning, Code of the City of Roanoke. Visit the City of Roanoke's Real Estate GIS page to determine your property's zoning designation.


Fees are due at time of permit issuance. The fee for a temporary sign is $30.


Temporary signs are limited to 30 calendar days in duration twice per 365-day period per establishment on subject lot.