How to Become a Recognized Organization

The Office of Neighborhood Services helps neighborhood organizations through the process of coming together by helping to identify their needs, helping to provide resolution to issues, providing educational seminars and workshops, enhancing 2-way communication between neighborhood groups, city administration and elected officials, serving as a resource for neighborhood group access to city resources and services, and providing outreach assistance to the neighborhood. Being recognized as a Neighborhood Association or Neighborhood Watch Group also allows the organization to compete for funding in the annual Neighborhood Development Grant Program.

Types of Neighborhood Organizations

The Office of Neighborhood Services recognizes three different kinds of neighborhood organizations - Neighborhood Associations (PDF), Neighborhood Crime Watches (PDF), and Neighborhood Business Organizations.

  1. Neighborhood Association
  2. Neighborhood Crime Watch
  3. Neighborhood Business Assoc.
Neighborhood Association
  • A defined neighborhood of at least 30 square blocks that do not conflict with the boundaries of an existing group unless mutually agreed upon by both
  • Has been organized and active for at least 6 months
  • Is a formal organization including elected officers and by-laws
  • Who has worked cooperatively with city, business, nonprofit and neighborhoods on neighborhood improvement issues
  • Who meet at least 4 times per year with at least 15 people in attendance
  • Whose current membership is at least 25 in addition to elected officers
  • Whose organization officers live within the neighborhood boundaries
The City of Roanoke encourages neighborhood-based engagement and empowers neighborhood residents to become responsible stewards for decisions affecting their neighborhood. Unfortunately, most people don't understand how they can get involved or lack the confidence in their own abilities to do so. The Office of Neighborhood Services can provide you with the tools to help you get started.