Organizing Your Neighborhood

The Basics Of Neighborhood Organizing
A neighborhood organization is a resident-controlled self-help group that works to improve the quality of life for all neighborhood residents. Residents decide if an organization is needed - residents decide what issues to tackle - and residents take responsibility for getting things done.

The City of Roanoke is eager to work with all residents and neighborhood organizations to help them achieve their goals and encourage their participation and engagement in the decision-making processes that may affect them.

Find out how to get started and become recognized as an active  neighborhood group by the Office of Neighborhood Services. 
  1. Why Organize
  2. Structure
Reason To Organize
People are willing to work hard to make a neighborhood organization effective if they have a good reason. People are busy and they don't have time to come to meetings just for the sake of meeting. but they will get involved if there are important and specific issues to resolve - whether it's cleaning up streets, alleys and vacant lots, eliminating crime, getting new housing built, or keeping a good neighborhood strong.