Model Plans

The processes outlined in this section applies to the construction of a single-family or two-family dwelling. Please note different processes depending on if the construction is in conjunction with the construction of another single-family or two-family dwelling on the same lot or an adjacent lot under the same ownership at time of application.

Submission Requirements

  • Completed Model Plans application.
  • Building plans and supporting documents (1 copy).

Review Process

Once your permit application has been deemed complete and initialized in our system (you will receive a Permit Submission Confirmation Letter), City staff has 5 business days for building review. You may receive comments from City staff if additional information is needed to complete a thorough review.

An Additional Submissions Form must accompany any resubmission of plans or information. No changes can be made after the model plan is approved. Model plans are reviewed for compliance with the 2012 Uniform Statewide Building Code


The fees for model plans are 10% of the building permit fee.