Mobile / Modular Home

The processes outlined in this section applies to the complete set up, including all mechanical items, of a single, double, or triple wide mobile or manufactured home.

Submission Requirements

  • Completed Residential Building and Zoning Permit Application.  
  • Basic development plan (1 copy), drawn to scale, delineating the following. A design professional is not required for the preparation of a basic development plan.
    • Dimensions and shape of lot
    • Adjoining streets
    • Existing and proposed structures on the lot including setback, dimensions, and height
    • Impervious surfaces such as driveways, patios, and sidewalks including dimensions and material
    • Landscaping
    • Public easement(s), if applicable
  • Building plans and supporting documents (1 copy).
  • Water/sewer availability letter from Western Virginia Water Authority.
  • Contractor/Subcontractor Listing.
  • Floodplain Elevation Certificate, if in Special Flood Hazard Area.

Other Permits That May Be Required

Right-of-Way Excavation Permit, if applicable including but not limited to driveway connections to the right-of-way, installation of public sidewalks, and utility connections.

Review Process

Once your permit application has been deemed complete and initialized in our system (you will receive a Permit Submission Confirmation Letter), City staff has 10 business days for review.

You may receive comments from City staff if additional information is needed to complete a thorough review. An Additional Submissions Form must accompany any resubmission of plans or information.

Compliance Codes

Building and zoning permits are reviewed for compliance with the following codes:
Visit the City of Roanoke's Real Estate GIS page to determine your property's zoning designation.


Fees are due along with a water/sewer receipt at time of permit issuance. The fees for building and zoning permits are as follows:
  • Permit Fee
Review Type
Single-Wide $75.00
Double-Wide $100.00
Triple-Wide or Greater $125.00
  • Plan Review Fee: 10% of the building permit fee
  • Basic Development Plan Review Fee: $25
  • 2% state levy of total fee


Mobile/Modular Permits are valid as long as work is proceeding and an inspection has been performed within the last 6 months. If work has halted or been abandoned and no inspection has been conducted within the last 6 months, the permit may be suspended. Extensions may be granted by the Building Commissioner through written request by the permit holder. Extensions are not guaranteed.