Tax Sale

The City of Roanoke conducts public auctions for properties which have delinquent real estate taxes, assessments for weed and trash abatement, and demolition or board up costs. In accordance with applicable state law, localities have the right to sell such real estate when any real estate taxes or nuisance abatement costs assessed against the property are delinquent on December 31 after the 1st anniversary date on which the taxes or other nuisance abatement assessments were due. Such sales may be held through a court approved judicial tax sale process, or a nonjudicial tax sale process for real estate meeting certain size and valuation criteria.  State law also provides that any property sold during the judicial tax sale process is purchased free and clear of all liens against such real estate held by the City of Roanoke and all third parties incurred by the owner, prior owner, or are held by any other party involved in the suit. Real estate sold through the nonjudicial tax sale process is only sold free and clear of liens held by the City of Roanoke.  Because property sold through the nonjudicial tax sale process is sold subject to third party liens, interested bidders are advised to conduct their own title examination for any property they are interested in purchasing through the nonjudicial tax sale process as the City of Roanoke does not regularly obtain title reports for nonjudicial tax sale properties.  These sales are "not" tax deed, tax lien certificate or tax warranty deed auctions as these auctions are not allowed by state law.

The primary benefit of conducting the tax sale is to recover the delinquent taxes and nuisance abatement assessments owed the City of Roanoke, and to sell the property to a responsible landowner who will properly maintain the property and pay future taxes. The neighborhoods benefit as well by having responsible property owners. The property owner must pay all accumulated taxes, assessments, penalties, interest, and costs, including all legal fees by 4:00 p.m. on the date before the auction in order to redeem the property and remove it from the sale. All sales are subject to the City Bidder Qualification Program approval and court approval.

Any listing of properties for the Tax Sale is subject to change up until the time of sale. Please check The Roanoke Times for advertisements. Judicial Tax sales are advertised in the Virginia section of The Roanoke Times generally 2 to 3 weeks prior to the auction. Nonjudicial sales will be advertised on this website in accordance with the provisions of Section 58.1-3975 Code of Virginia (1950) as amended. The next judicial tax sale will be held November 17, 2021, in the Berglund Special Events Center, 710 Williamson Road, Roanoke, Virginia 24016. Registration begins at 11:00 a.m. and the sale starts at 12:00 noon. 

Please read the Terms of Sale carefully prior to attending tax sales.

For all other questions, contact City Treasurer at 540-853-2561 or via email.

Judicial Sale

Property Address
Tax Map Number
Assessed Value of Property
215 Patton Ave. NW 2010825 $6,000
1141 12th St. SE 4122850 $111,700
112 14th St. SW 1211118 $44,700
0 Dundee Ave. SE 4440714 $11,600
0 Dundee Ave. SE 4440713 $15,200
1220 Hanover Ave. NW 2221304 $33,500
1220 Church Ave. SE 4111521 $14,400
610 Dale Ave. SE 4012227 $16,000
506 5th St. SE 4012714 $11,900
1921 Rorer Ave. SW 1312110 $57,900
118 14th St. SE 4210626 $18,600
1801 Tempelton Ave. NE 3231001 $90,500
0 18th St. NE 3231003 $5,900
0 18th St. NE 3231004 $5,900
909 14th St. NW  2220504 $52,000
1034 12th St. SE   4121723 $18,600
602 Rutherford Ave. NW 2121717 $56,800
0 Rutherford Ave. NW  2121716  $3,100 
4621 Melrose Ave. NW  6100618 $71,100
3350 Pittsfield Ave. NW  2560310 $77,300

Non-Judicial Sale

Property Address Tax Map Number Square Footage Assessed Value
0 Gilmer Ave. NW 2110716   5,114 $3,100
0 Melrose Ave. NW 2222306 10,463 $5,200
0 Buena Vista Blvd. SE 4131421   5,122 $500
0 Buena Vista Blvd. SE 4131422   5,132 $500
0 Buena Vista Blvd. SE 4131423   5,210 $500
0 Buena Vista Blvd. SE 4131424   5,108 $500
0 Campbell Ave. SE 4211204   2,970 $5,100
806 Mountain Ave. SE 4121912   5,135 $12,800
2423 Melrose Ave. NW 2321509   2,734 $6,500
2419 Melrose Ave. NW 2321510   3,761 $9,600
523 Patton Ave. NW 2010518   3,133 $2,400
0 Riverside Blvd. SW 1220711 14,774 $11,200
0 Hanover Ave. NW 2320510   6,501 $6,700
0 Kirk Ave. SE 4211407   3,015 $5,100
0 Kirk Ave. SE 4211408   2,970 $5,100
1108 Gilmer Ave. NW  2111213   5,228 $3,100 
0 Cedar Bluff Ave. SE 4021907    5,944 $8,600
0 10th Street SE 4111324   4,041 $2,700
831 Madison Ave. NW 2120919 15,181 $7,700
0 Orange Ave. NE 3221104   3,464  $700
0 Orange Ave. NE 3221105   4,687 $700
0 Sunset Ave. NE 3220221   3,696 $9,900
0 Campbell Ave. SW 1112816   4,922 $9,900
Information about any property in the city may be accessed on the Internet from the city's Geographical Information System (GIS).

Please note: This list is subject to change prior to the day before the sale.

Advertisements of judicial sale properties only are also listed in the Virginia section of The Roanoke Times and announcements are made on RVTV Channel 3.