Street Design Guidelines


The creation of the Street Design Guidelines (PDF) shows the City’s commitment toward designing a more attractive multimodal community. The Guidelines impart direction on how Roanoke should build new streets and retrofit existing streets in order to accommodate all street users including bicyclists and pedestrians.

The Guidelines recommend streetscape elements based on the type of street (local collector, arterial) and the character district the street passes through (downtown, village center, traditional neighborhood, local or regional commercial, recreation/open space, or industrial, etc.)

Implementation of these Guidelines is taking place through the continuous review of City ordinances, engineering standards, the curb/sidewalk construction program, and the street repaving program.

Complete Streets Policy

On July 19, 2007, the City’s Planning Commission endorsed a Street Design Guidelines manual. To reinforce the guidelines City Council adopted a Complete Streets Policy (PDF).
Street Design Example
Street Design Guidelines Cover