Residential Plans Library

The Residential Plans Library is a database of professionally designed, preapproved residential building plans available for purchase that complement the character of Roanoke’s neighborhoods. These complete sets of construction plans will save you time and money!

  • Affordably priced plus the City has already covered the cost of any required modifications. ***Pricing information is subject to change. Please contact the vendor for current purchasing and plan use policy.
  • Pre-approved by the City of Roanoke for compliance with the Neighborhood Design District and the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code, expediting your review process.
    • Prior to purchase, please email Jillian Papa to ensure your selected plan meets the height, width, and setback requirements for your chosen lot. Modifications to a plan will negate City’s preapproval.
  • Reduced permitting fees (building review fee already covered).
How it Works
  • Determine building height, width, and setback requirements per the Zoning Ordinance of your chosen lot.
  • Consult the Neighborhood Patterns (PDF) section of the Residential Pattern Book for the City of Roanoke to determine your chosen lot’s neighborhood classification.
  • Select plan from the Residential Plans Library that meets your specifications, complies with zoning requirements, and complements the neighborhood.
  • Email Jillian Papa to confirm that the selected plan is compatible with the chosen lot.
  • Purchase plan from vendor. Please ensure that you specify the plan number when ordering.
  • Draft a basic development plan to submit with building plans.
  • Submit building permit application package to the Permit Center (Room 170 of the Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building at 215 Church Avenue SW) for review and approval.
Available Patterns
Floor Area
Number of Bedrooms/Baths Image
The Rorer - MOD1103003 (PDF)
Single-Family 30 Feet 1,712 Square Feet 5 Bedroom/2 Bath The Rorer - MOD1103003
The Salem - MOD1103004 (PDF) Single-Family 26 Feet 1,404 Square Feet 3 Bedroom/1.5 Bath The Salem - MOD1103004
The Norfolk - MOD1103005 (PDF) Single-Family 26 Feet 1,390 Square Feet 4 Bedroom/2 Bath The Norfolk - MOD1103005
The Patterson - MOD1103006 (PDF) Single-Family 26 Feet 1,600 Square Feet 4-5 Bedroom/2 Bath The Patterson - MOD1103006
ADA Duplex - MOD1003003 (PDF) 2-Family 44 Feet 869 Square Feet Per Unit 1 Bedroom/1 Bath per unit ADA Duplex - MOD1003003
The Dylan - MOD1003002 (PDF) Single-Family 30 Feet 1,380 Square Feet 3 Bedroom/2.5 Bath The Dylan - MOD1003002
The Cypress - MOD1003005 (PDF) Single-Family 26 Feet 2,080 Square Feet 3 Bedroom/2.5 Bath The Cypress - MOD1003005
The Hickory - MOD1003006
Single-Family 37 Feet 2,150 Square Feet 3 Bedroom/2.5 Bath The Hickory - MOD1003006
The Maple - MOD1003007 (PDF) Single-Family 39 Feet 2,180 Square Feet 4 Bedroom/3.5 Bath The Maple - MOD1003007
House 2 - MOD1003001 (PDF) 2-Family 24 Feet 9 Inches 1,149 Square Feet Per Unit 2 Bedroom/1.5 Bath per unit House 2 - MOD1003001