Residential Pattern Book

The Residential Pattern Book for the City of Roanoke was unanimously endorsed by the Planning Commission on November 20, 2008. In developing the Pattern Book, the City of Roanoke strives to preserve and enhance the character and quality of its residential neighborhoods.

The Pattern Book is a design aid for new construction and renovation of residential buildings (single-family dwellings, 2-family dwellings, townhouses, and multifamily dwellings). By exploring the historic development of the City’s existing neighborhoods and residential forms, the pattern book aims to guide homeowners, builders, and design professionals to appropriate maintenance and design decisions.

But most importantly it is intended to instill pride in homeowners and encourage them to preserve the unique character of their homes and neighborhoods.

The Residential Pattern Book should not be mistaken for the City's H-2 Historic District Guidelines.
American Planning Association
Winner of the 2009 American Planning Association (APA) Virginia Chapter Innovation Award and the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation Education Award.

Download the entire Residential Pattern Book (PDF), please note this file is very large (27 MB) and may take several minutes to download. Individual chapters may be downloaded below at a quicker rate.

You are also able to download individual chapters.
America Planning Association (APA) Virginia
Exterior Paint Color Guide
The color guides below complement the painting section provide for each architectural pattern found in the City of Roanoke’s Residential Pattern Book. Use it as a starting point for your historically accurate painting projects! Definitions of terms used in the Exterior Paint Color Guide can be found in the Glossary of the Residential Pattern Book.