Urban Design

Residential Pattern Book
Learn how this award-winning guide helps with design of new construction and renovation of all types of residential buildings.  By exploring the historic development of neighborhoods and residential forms, the pattern book aims to guide homeowners, builders, and design professionals to appropriate maintenance and design decisions.

Street Design Guidelines

See how streets can be designed to be attractive and support many modes of transportation. 

Urban Design Manual

This manual provides guidance for development of a variety of building forms and site features.
Neighborhood Design District
A special overlay zoning to help new residential construction be a better fit in traditional neighborhoods. 

Historic Overlay Districts
Learn how the Architectural Review Board use the Architectural Design Guidelines to protect the Downtown, Gainsboro, and Old Southwest neighborhoods.  

Residential Plans Library
The Residential Plans Library is a database of professionally designed, preapproved residential building plans available for purchase that complement the character of Roanoke’s neighborhoods. These complete sets of construction plans will save you time and money!