Historic Gainsboro Preservation District


  • 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. 
  • The 3rd Monday of the month 
  • Gainsborough Library Community Room
    15 Patton Avenue NW
    Roanoke, VA 24016

Contact information

  • Please contact the officers to confirm which months of the year the meetings are held. 
    President: Corey Robinson [email protected]m (540) 400-9820 
    Secretary: Jacqueline Williams [email protected] (540) 597-6704 
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About the District

Gainsboro, Roanoke's oldest community, is part of the overall neighborhood fabric of Roanoke and its boundaries are designated by the Railroad, Orange Avenue Northwest, Williamson Road Northeast and 5th Street Northwest. Gainsboro has numerous landmark buildings that provide a link to Roanoke's past, including Hotel Roanoke, St. Andrews Catholic Church, and the Norfolk and Western administration buildings (renovated to become the current Higher Education Center). 
 Located in the heart of Roanoke just north of the City Market, Historic Gainsboro has convenient access to downtown and other parts of the city