Virginian Railway Passenger Station

Project Summary

  • Renovation of former Virginian Station for mixed use facility.
  • Owner/Applicant: Roanoke Chapter National Railway Historical Society (RCNRHS). The building has been vacant since a fire nearly destroyed the structure in 2001.
  • Funding requested/used: $200,000 Revolving Loan Subgrant; $2,300 assessment grant funding for Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.
Virginian Railway Station

The Site

The Virginian Station property is located in the 110-acre South Jefferson Redevelopment Area (SJRA) where Brownfield redevelopment has been underway for several years. Redevelopment efforts were initially focused on the 25-acre Riverside Center for Research and Technology (RCRT) for the City of Roanoke and the Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA). This property is strategically located along Jefferson Street and serves as the gateway to the RCRT and the remainder of the SJRA. The renovation of the Virginian Station building by the RCNRHS will re-establish a gateway/transition from Williamson Road/Jefferson Street into the South Jefferson Redevelopment Area and RCIT.

The subject property is comprised on approximately 0.8 acres and is located at 1402 South Jefferson Street, S.E. The property was historically owned by the railroad with the zoning designation changed to Downtown (D) as part of the City’s 2005 comprehensive rezoning and the transfer of the property to the RCNRHS. This zoning change was designed to facilitate reuse of the property as part of the redevelopment of the SJRA.

Environmental Considerations

There are 2 key environmental issues of concern at the property:
  • Lead-based paint (LBP) present on the structure.
  • Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) that was present in certain areas of the structure are subsequently spread throughout the building as a result of the 2001 fire.
No other concerns were identified at the property based on a Transaction Screen performed for RRHA in September 2001. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) has been completed to verify there are no other known issues of concern relative to reuse of the property prior to using EPA grant funds to address LBP and ACM.