Leadership College


Spring 2020 Leadership College

The Leadership College (WMV) is a 9-week community leadership and engagement program introduction to a variety of resources and information available to you as you work within your community and with city staff to improve the quality of life in your neighborhood while promoting a stronger sense of community.


The Leadership College is an interactive, practical, and engaging series of discussions, lectures, and role plays that will help you:
  • Learn about our city's form of government, our long-range vision and how we are working toward acheiving this vision
  • Learn how to access city services and personally meet and interact with those department directors and managers who provide them
  • Understand how our city works, our city procedures and policies that in turn will allow you to become a resource for sharing this information with others in your neighborhood


The next Leadership College program is scheduled to begin Thursday, March 19th-Thursday, May 14th. Sessions are normally held on Thursday evenings for 9 consecutive weeks between the hours of 6pm to 9pm. 

A light dinner and refreshments are also served beginning at 5:30.


It is suggested to those who are interested in participating to go ahead and register and once the dates have been confirmed, you will be contacted to confirm your ability to participate.  The program is FREE but seating is very limited, so register online TODAY!.

Past Participant Comments

One of the many overwhelming responses that have been received from past Leadership College graduates include the following:
"I want to thank all of the presenters; they were very informative, honest, and open in their presentations and follow-up discussions. This course opened my eyes to the need to be more involved in improving the quality of life in the city now and for future generations."