Plans- Brownfields

The City and its partner agencies have adopted planning documents to provide a framework for reusing Brownfield sites. These plans set policy objectives and specific actions to encourage reuse of property.

The City-Wide Brownfield Redevelopment Plan

The City-Wide Brownfield Redevelopment Plan (PDF) has been created in direct response to input from public meetings to develop a formal Brownfield plan for the City. Redevelopment of Brownfield properties is critical for the City as it is built out, with almost 95% of property in the City developed. Recycling of underused land offers the City a chance for sustainable growth.

The city-wide plan establishes a broad vision for redevelopment in the City building upon initiatives identified in the City's Comprehensive Plan, Vision 2001-2020, individual neighborhood plans, and public input specific to Brownfield redevelopment. The plan also establishes a framework to support development that will be refined and developed over time.

Inviting Roanoke Back to its River - The Mountain View / Norwich Corridor Plan

The Mountain View/Norwich Corridor Plan (PDF) was developed in response to policy recommendations in the City-Wide Brownfield Redevelopment Plan. The City of Roanoke identified the Mountain View/Norwich area as one of two initial focus areas in the Brownfields initiative and produced this plan to implement specific policies and actions to advance broad objectives of the Comprehensive Plan, Neighborhood Plans, and the City-wide Brownfield plan.

Inviting Roanoke Back to its River aims to transform the Mountain View/Norwich Corridor from a dormant area to a vibrant district connected to the adjacent neighborhoods. Environmental assessments and clean-up, along with the Roanoke River Flood Reduction Project and greenways projects, will spur the transformation, encouraging economic development and private investment. This underused corridor has the potential to become a vibrant area with a mixture of residential and commercial uses closely situated to new linear park space along the Roanoke River.

The South Jefferson Redevelopment Area

The South Jefferson Redevelopment Area (PDF) was created by the City of Roanoke in May 2000. The redevelopment area contains 110 acres located south of downtown Roanoke. The South Jefferson Redevelopment Plan area contains a boundary description and Boundary and Acquisition Map for the project area, conditions requiring redevelopment, statement of goals and objectives, general land use plan, and other important information on the project.

Rail Corridor Revitalization Plan

The Rail Corridor Revitalization Plan (PDF) is building on these existing efforts to create a holistic plan that will transform the entire corridor in a manner that benefits residents and business owners in the area. The City hired CWS Consulting Group to work with the partnership to develop a well balanced and sustainable plan for the corridor. In addition to basic land use, the CWS team provided expertise in evaluating economic conditions, determining best uses based on current and expected market conditions, developing strategies for transitioning uses and other specialties not possessed by City staff. Thus a model plan was created that can be adapted for other parts of the City.