Collection & Services

Law Library Collection

Virginia Materials
The Roanoke Law Library has an extensive collection of print materials for legal practice in Virginia, including complete Virginia statutes and regulations. The Roanoke Law Library also has an extensive collection of historical Virginia statutes dating back into the 1800s. The library has most current and historical Virginia case law as well as tools for performing Virginia case law research. The library also has the municipal codes for most of the communities in the Roanoke valley. Additionally, the library has materials that address specific legal topics in Virginia.

Federal Materials
The law library has a complete set of the United States Code with annotations. The library has Supreme Court and U.S. regional reporters covering Federal cases from all 50 states. The library also has current legal encyclopedia, case law digests, tools for Federal case law research, and many federal practice treatises.

General Legal Treatises
The library also has a collection of general treatise on specific legal topics. Some of these books were created specifically to help non lawyers address their individual legal information needs. Additionally, the Library has several collections of legal form books.

Electronic Resources
The law library provides free access to electronic legal resources (Westlaw) that complement the print collection. Westlaw allows library users to perform advanced computer assisted legal research searching state and federal statutes, case law, and topic specific databases by citation or keyword.

Legal Reference Services
The Roanoke Law Library staff will be glad to direct you to library resources and show you how information can be accessed in those resources; however the law library staff members are not licensed to practice law and cannot provide legal advice or opinions.

The majority of the legal collection is not circulating and must be used here in the Law Library. The library provides free access to electronic legal research databases (Westlaw). The library staff will be happy to help you access these databases.

To arrange tours of the library or receive training for any of the law library resources please call 540-853-2268.

General Services

The Roanoke Law Library has a conference room with seating for approximately 20 people. The conference room has 2 conference tables and also a television with a DVD player. The conference room is open to the public whenever the Law Library is open. To reserve the conference room please call the Roanoke Law Library at 540-853-2268.

The library provides fax service for anyone. The charges are $3.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page(s) for sending a fax and $1.00 per page for receiving a fax.

Online & Digital Resources
The Law Library has 6 public access computers that are available to anyone with a Roanoke Valley Library card. These computers have internet access as well as Microsoft Office software. The library provides public copier service and laser printing for $0.10 per page.

The Law Library also has a collection of DVDs, popular fiction, and nonfiction that can be checked out with a Roanoke Valley Library Card. You can also return materials from other Roanoke Valley Library branches and have them sent here for checkout.