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Online Legal Resources
These are links for websites that the staff of the Roanoke Law Library use regularly to find legal information. We do not endorse these sites as being any better or more accurate than sites not listed. It is impossible to provide a comprehensive list of websites that will be able to answer all legal questions, and in some cases the answer to your legal question may not available on the Internet. Be mindful that not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, up-to-date, and/or thorough information. The Roanoke Law Library staff does not guarantee the accuracy of the information linked here.

The websites are provided as a convenience to our library customers. The Law Library has a broad legal collection of print materials and electronic resources that are not available freely on the Internet. The Roanoke Law Library is open for public use and can be helpful for answering more difficult legal questions. The staff of the Law Library is not authorized to practice law, and is unable to complete in-depth legal research, provide legal advice, or legal interpretation.

Further Assistance
We are glad to assist you with the use and location of our legal resources but please note that it is always advisable to consult an attorney whenever you have a legal question. Please feel free to contact the Roanoke Law Library with any questions at 540-853-2268, or come by the law library which is located in the Roanoke City Courthouse.