Project Pages

The Project Pages are your resource to learn about the process of getting a permit. We've created a page for over 40 common project types. These are listed to the left of this pane (on a computer screen or tablet) or below (on a smartphone).

Once you get an overview of what is needed to apply for a permit, you can ask technical questions or start an application with the Permit Counter Apps. Most applications can be handled from your home or office computer, tablet, or even your smartphone. Even if you visit the Permit Center in person, you'll use the same digital forms that are available online.


Project Pages
Residential Addition Commercial Addition New Commercial Remodel Repair Trades: Electrical,
Plumbing, Mechanical
New Residential
Building 1 or 2 Fam
Certificate of Occupancy Demolition Solar Energy  
Accessory building Fence or wall Swimming Pool Retaining Wall Patio, driveway,
sidewalk, parking
Business License

Home Occupation Outdoor Dining Sign Site Lighting
Basic Development Plan Comprehensive 
Development Plan
Land Subdivision  Model Plans  
Temporary Use or Event Temporary Sign Tent/Membrane Portable Storage 
Right-of-Way Excavation Grading/land 
Site Utilities Storage Tank
Amusement Devices Asbestos Removal Fire Protection Elevator Cross Connection