Neighborhood Communications Award

About The Award

Many of our neighborhood groups get the word out, promote their organization and communicate with members through printed newsletters, brochures, flyers, new resident guides, etc. Additionally, in this age of technology, electronic communications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat, Neighborland, NextDoor, Vimeo and others will also be considered.

The Neighborhood Communications Award is intended to recognize excellence in quality and creativity in neighborhood-oriented publications and/or other neighborhood communication outreach activities.

  1. How to Nominate
  2. Support Documentation for Nominee
  3. Submission Deadline
  4. Judging Criteria

Eligibility Requirements

Any resident-led, resident-controlled city neighborhood organization recognized by the RNA and Office of Neighborhood Services is eligible to apply or be nominated for these awards. This includes neighborhood associations, homeowner associations, neighborhood watch groups and tenant associations. Neighborhood groups may nominate themselves, another neighborhood and/or individuals for their efforts to improve the quality of living in Roanoke.

To be considered:

  • The project or activity must have been carried out during the 2023 calendar year.
  • A Nomination Form must be completed and submitted by November 18th
  • A separate Nomination Form must be submitted for each activity or individual being nominated. 
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations that can be submitted by any one individual or group.