Neighborhood All-Star Award

The Neighborhood All-Star Award recognizes the exceptional accomplishments achieved by an eligible neighborhood organization, institution, or individual who received one or more nominations in one or more of the Neighborhood Partnership Award categories that improved and/or enhanced a specific neighborhood or city neighborhoods’ quality of life.

About the Award

The Neighborhood All-Star Award recognizes a neighborhood organization, individual or institution that improved their specific neighborhood and/or city neighborhoods' quality of life through volunteer activities and leadership, physical improvements and beautification, social connections with their residents and other neighborhoods, collaborations with the city, nonprofits, churches, schools, arts groups or businesses and enhanced the health and wellness of its residents.


To be eligible, the neighborhood organization, institution or individual must have been nominated for one or more of the other eight (8) Roanoke Neighborhood Partnership Award categories, as follows: Neighborhood Volunteer Leadership, Neighborhood Improvement, Neighborhood-Community Partnership, Neighborhood Communications, Unsung Hero, Neighborhood City Partnership, Neighborhood Arts, and/or Neighborhood Youth Volunteer - as judging is based upon the nominations received.

As such, there is no specific award nomination form for this award.