Vision Statement

The City of Roanoke is a safe, caring, and economically vibrant community in which to live, learn, work, play and prosper.

City Priorities
Below are the city’s seven priorities as identified by Roanoke City Council in September 2011:
  • Economy - Cultivate a thriving business environment and innovative workforce opportunities to ensure the prosperity of our community
  • Education - Foster an environment for lifelong learning which encompasses cradle to career and beyond through shared services and community involvement
  • Good Government - Provide exceptional, yet cost competitive government services that are collaborative, transparent, responsive, and innovative
  • Human Services - Foster a caring community that uses a regional and collaborative approach, which encourages self-sufficiency while providing a social safety net to citizens when they are most vulnerable
  • Infrastructure - Maintain and build quality infrastructure that supports healthy residential neighborhoods, successful commercial areas, and accessible public facilities and amenities
  • Livability - Enhance Roanoke’s exceptional vitality as an attractive, diverse, culturally inclusive, vibrant and active city in which to live, work and play
  • Safety - Assure community safety and judicial needs are met and promote a safe and desirable region