Council Meeting Guidelines

Americans With Disabilities Act

Special assistance is available for disabled persons addressing City Council. Efforts will be made to provide adaptations or accommodations based on individual needs of qualified individuals with disabilities, provided that reasonable advance notification has been received by the City Clerk's Office. For assistance, please contact the City Clerk's Office or call 540-853-2541.

Agenda Updates

The deadline for placing an item on the City Council agenda is 5 p.m., on the Monday preceding the Monday Council meeting.

Meeting Recordings

Regular meetings of the Council are formal proceedings. City Council meetings are televised live and replayed at various times by RVTV Channel 3. All comments are recorded on tape. An agenda is provided for the convenience of the public and the Council. Council reserves the right to alter the agenda at any time without prior notice.

Guidelines for Citizen Participation

The Roanoke City Council aims to provide a high quality of service, in a safe and secure environment. In order to achieve this, the following behavior will not be accepted:
  • Behavior which is disruptive and interferes with the process, function, and enjoyment of the meeting
  • Harassment or the threat of violence toward City Council, staff, or members of the public
  • Use of mobile communication devices while in Council Chambers
Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Addressing the Council

Any person wishing to address Council will be required to call the City Clerk's Office prior to the Monday Council meeting, or register with the staff assistant at the entrance to the Council Chamber prior to commencement of the Council meeting. Once the Council meeting has convened, there will be no further registration of speakers, except for public hearing matters. If you would like your comments to be made a part of the record, please file a copy with the City Clerk.

A spokesperson may be named to present a group position, with others in agreement being recognized by standing. Council will try to hear everyone who wishes to speak on a subject, but occasionally discussion is limited because of time. On any single agenda item, one to four speakers will be allotted five minutes each and five or more speakers will be allotted three minutes each.


When you are called upon to speak, you are requested to:
  • Come to the speaker's podium
  • State your name, address, the party that you represent and direct questions to the Mayor
  • Address your remarks to the Mayor and Members of Council and not to the audience
  • File all written statements, along with other documentation, with the City Clerk


Persons appearing before Council will not be allowed to:
  • Campaign for public office
  • Promote private business ventures
  • Engage in personal attacks
  • Debate among the audience
  • Use profanity or abusive language
  • Jeer, cheer, or applaud, except during ceremonial matters

Thank You for Participating

Thank you for taking time to participate in your City Council meeting. The Mayor and Members of Council invite and encourage you to attend whenever possible because good government depends on the interest and involvement of citizens.