Neighborhood Services

Roanoke is enriched with beautiful natural scenery, a strong sense of community and many distinct neighborhoods each with their own unique character. The Office of Neighborhood Services helps foster this sense of community by partnering with citizens to ensure high-quality services are provided, neighborhood groups are supported, and neighborhood issues are addressed and responded to in a timely manner. 

Neighborhood Services also serves as a liaison for connecting citizens to the information they need for improving their neighborhood and quality of life, and uses feedback received to keep city staff informed of their needs and those of their neighborhood.

Building community begins at the neighborhood level for when residents get to know their neighbors, they become more informed, involved, and committed to their neighborhood and ultimately their city. By participating in Roanoke’s neighborhood life and becoming actively engaged with your neighbors, you will also become an active partner with the City of Roanoke in the decisions being made about your neighborhood that ultimately may affect your quality of life and character of our community.