Development Inspections

The Development Review section is responsible for inspection of new developments during the construction phase of the project after a land disturbance permit has been issued. The development inspectors are responsible for enforcement of regulations related to erosion and sediment control, stormwater, and zoning compliance.

The City of Roanoke inspects all private development site construction to assure that construction activities are in compliance with the approved plans for those activities. The City Inspector works with the responsible party on each site to assure that any deviations from the plans or noncompliance with City Codes and Erosion and Sediment Control regulations are corrected. Please note that any field revisions must be submitted, reviewed and approved by the city prior to installation in the field.

Our Commitment
The City of Roanoke is committed to maintaining the quality of our natural environment. As a result, there are regulations which address the clearing of land, the dumping of fill dirt and debris such as stumps and trash, and the erosion of soil. If you observe illegal activities, you should report it to the Department of Planning Building and Development.