Permit Center

The Permit Center provides an assisted self-service model where customers can access most services from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. You’ll be able to reach us in a number of ways if you need our help.

Getting Started

Our Project Pages outline the process and requirements for the most common residential and commercial construction projects..

Permit Applications

Visit Permit Counter Apps to

  • Apply for a construction permit
  • Apply for a trade permit
  • Apply for a business license verification
  • Ask a technical question
  • Send documents

eTRAKiT Portal

Registered eTRAKiT users are now able to upload and attach documents directly to permits.

Our eTRAKiT permitting system has been upgraded and is now available to upload plans and documents, pay fees, get permit documents, and scchedule inspections.

Licensed contractors can apply for most permit types through eTRAKiT.  More options will be available soon!

Use Permit Counter Apps to apply for any permit and for other permitting options.