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City leaf collection program begins the week of Nov. 12

City of Roanoke
November 9, 2012

ROANOKE, VA – The City of Roanoke will begin collecting bagged leaves starting the week of Nov. 12. Residents should put their bagged leaves at the curb on the same day as their paper recycling is normally picked up. There will be no bagged leaf collection in the alleys. Since the collection of brush will not be provided during the leaf collection program, citizens are asked to refrain from placing brush piles to the curb until brush collection resumes during the week of Dec. 24.

The city will only accept biodegradable paper leaf bags during leaf collection weeks. These bags are available at local hardware stores, home centers, and other retailers. There is no limit to the number of paper leaf bags residents may place at the curb for pickup. Additional leaf collections will take place the weeks of Nov. 26 and Dec. 10.

It is still possible to use plastic bags to gather up fall leaves. However, leaves in plastic bags are disposed of with regular trash that goes to the landfill. This involves a disposal fee charged to the city, and also prevents these leaves from being turned into environmentally valuable compost. Since leaf disposal in plastic bags is not the city’s preference, residents are limited to six bags per bulk collection week throughout the year.

Loose-leaf collection is not provided by the city. The only loose-leaf alternative is to stage raked leaves near the edge of the street for timely collection by a private contractor. Residents are encouraged to notify the city of their plans for contractor pickup by calling 853-2000, Option 1.

The Solid Waste Management Division reminds residents that there are alternatives to bagging leaves for collection by city crews. These include:

• Mulch mowing
• Composting
• Homeowner disposal at the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority
• Use of private lawn maintenance services

The City of Roanoke appreciates the cooperation of its citizens in helping this year’s leaf collection process run as smoothly as possible. A general message about leaf collection is available by calling 853-2000, option 6. To ask about assistance for the elderly and disabled, call 853-2000, option 5. For other questions about leaf collection, call 853-2000 and select option 1.

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