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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours of the Roanoke City Courthouse?Monday - Friday
08:00 am - 5:00 pm
What items are prohibited in the Roanoke City Courthouse?
  • Any electronic devices (i.e., phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, etc.)
  • Anything that may be considered a weapon and/or considered a security risk (i.e., guns, knives, stun devices, handcuff keys, pepper spray, etc.)
Can you be asked to leave the Roanoke City Courthouse for inappropriate dress?YES

All person entering any courtroom must dress and act in a respectful and appropriate manner indicative of the dignity of court proceedings. Each court determines appropriate dress and action for that court.

Please be aware that some courts do not permit:
Short/Tank Tops
Hat, Headbands or Kerchiefs, Except for Religious or Medical Needs.
Excessive/Inappropriate Body Exposure
Sunglasses Except for Medical Needs
Bare Feet, “Flip-flops,” Slippers
Clothing with Wording or Picture That is Obscene, Offensive or Vulgar
Exposed Underwear
Chewing Gum, Tobacco, Drinks or Food
What are the visiting hours for inmates housed at the Roanoke City Jail? Adult Visitors -
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 7pm - 11 pm

Children Visitors (ages 13 & under) -
Saturdays 8am - 11am

Approved visitors will be permitted to visit for approximately 20 minutes and visit only once during a 7 day period.

Subject to approval, out of town visitors (distances greater than 100 miles) may be allowed to visit once in a 30 day period. Photo identification proving residency will be required.

Beginning April 1, 2014 the Sheriff’s Office implemented video visitation at the Roanoke City Jail. Click here to learn more.
How can I leave money on an inmate's account?Cash, certified checks or money orders may be mailed to the individual in care of the Roanoke City Jail;
Also, secure drop boxes are located in the visitation lobby at 324 Campbell Avenue, the Jail Annex lobby and also in the Roanoke City Jail Administrative Office lobby at 317 Church Avenue.

Certified checks and money orders must be made out to the order of the Roanoke City Jail Inmate Trust Fund and put the inmate’s name in the memo section.
How can someone write to an inmate being held at the Roanoke City Jail?The mailing address for inmates is:

(Inmate's Name)
c/o Roanoke City Jail
324 Campbell Avenue
Roanoke, VA 24016

Can I make a phone call to someone being held at the Roanoke City Jail? No. Inmates are only permitted to make outgoing calls. They are not limited as to the number of calls made during normal operating hours, however, the phone system will only limit calls to approximately 30 minutes in length. There is a charge to the person receiving the collect call from the inmate.

If someone does not wish to receive calls from an inmate or inmates, they can contact Securus Technologies directly at 1-800-844-6541 or follow this link to have a "block" placed on their phone number.
I've heard that inmates at the Roanoke City Jail have to pay for their own medicine and medical care. Is that true?Yes. The Roanoke City Jail operates a Medical Co-Payment Program under the authority of the Code of Virginia. Inmates pay a co-payment for various medical services such as dental visits, sick call, jail/other doctor visits and prescription handling fees.

However, medical care is never refused to an inmate because of inability to pay. These co-payments are utilized as a source to help off-set the rising costs of medical care.
What is the "dollar a day" program?Inmates are charged $1.00 per day for each day they serve at the Roanoke City Jail to help offset the cost of their incarceration. Different rules apply for those inmates serving weekends, work release program participants, federal prisoners and those inmates who work as trustees.
I'm reporting to jail to serve weekends or a deferred sentence. What items am I allowed to bring with me?
  • Cash
  • Prescription medication in original packaging (subject to approval from the medical staff)