Roanoke City Schools

40 Douglas Ave.
Roanoke, VA 24012
Phone: 853-2381, Fax: 853-2951

The Roanoke City Public School District provides a comprehensive program of study for more than 13,500 students in grades pre-K through 12. There are 21 elementary schools, six middle schools, two high schools, one alternative program, the Roanoke Valley Governor’s School for Science and Technology, and Blue Ridge Technical Academy.

Roanoke has the largest magnet school program in Virginia, featuring themes such as International Baccalaureate (K-12), visual and performing arts (K-12), aerospace, aviation, Montessori, environmental and life science, and MicroSociety.

Enthusiastic, dedicated teachers are well trained in instructional methods and set high standards for themselves and their students. More than 52% of the staff holds advanced degrees. To date, 22 teachers have achieved National Board Certification, the highest teaching credential. By blending regular curriculum and exciting innovative programs, the professional staff works to ensure that students reach their potential.

Safety in all of the schools will continue to be enhanced throughout the system this year as a result of recommendations from the Safety Task Force which has brought forth a number of new safety initiatives already beginning to take shape. $1.5 million will be allocated to safety and security with new security cameras, prevention programs at all levels, and additional guidance, discipline and security personnel.

Roanoke’s commitment to enhancing instruction and student performance has led to the hiring of additional full-time staff and athletics trainers, more technology staff, increased support and more funding for preschool programs. This year Roanoke City Schools will provide 23 preschool programs for 648 children, 146 more than last year.