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Emergency Action Plan

  1. The Event Manager will monitor weather radar and will obtain regular reports (every hour at minimum) from the Blacksburg office of the National Weather Service (NWS) using In the event severe weather becomes imminent – either by observed conditions or by NWS issuing a “warning,” the Event Manager will immediately contact Emergency Management officials assigned to the incident and follow the direction given by officials.

  2. All event personnel operating at the event site should be made aware of the missing person report. Determine the description of missing person including the gender, age, clothing and last known vicinity. If the missing person is a juvenile, immediately notify police. Immediately have available staff stage at each public entrance/exit, if available, additional staff can walk the crowd and try to visually locate the missing person.

  3. The purpose of the evacuation plan is to provide for safe, efficient and orderly evacuation of the event site should severe weather, fire, or other man made situations warrant such action.

  4. Patrons and event staff may call 911 via cellular phone for emergencies that happen on site. Fire-EMS command will coordinate the response. Event staff will assist in locating the patient.

  5. Event Staff my discover patrons having a medical emergency on site, upon discovery the information should be immediately relayed to onsite officials (fire, EMS, police) if not onsite, event staff will notify the E-911 center and will assist the responding EMS unit in locating the patron.

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